Government turns blind eye to Crimes Against Society (everywhere in the USA)

Government Turns Blind Eye to Insurance Fraud

What do you have to gain by flagging this post knowing that there is nothing wrong with this post while at the same time you know that Craigslist is self monitored and that there is no follow-up on flagging a post. This part of craigs list is all a game.

Your not gaining anything if your a delivery driver thinking that reporting this post might keep your insurance from going up. The insurance premiums will never go up because it will end the entire industry. This is a crime against society. Government's failure to regulate and protect the delivery drivers is at hand. You will never know the true nature of this crime against society until your either the driver or someone damaged by the driver.

If you do not own the company, not a CEO why would you want to flag this post? What do you have to gain?

Government Turns Blind Eye to Insurance Fraud in Delivery Industry (Everywhere)

Delivery Drivers committing Insurance Fraud (Everywhere there are pizza and grocery delivery)
Personal Vehicle used for employment purposes = No Coverage if in an accident

What happens if individual is in an accident while driving personal vehicle for profit and this fact is exposed during the accident investigation?

Delivery Driver committed insurance fraud and is dropped and banned from that insurance provider, but the information is kept secret.. not "private". Employee is fired/terminated from the delivery role but will then be offered a non delivery role. If anyone or any property is injured in the accident the delivery driver's insurance will not pay because of Insurance Fraud.

Every pizza delivery driver, every grocery delivery driver who doesnt pay extra insurance costs because they are using their personal vehicle to earn a living is not actually covered under their insurance nor that of their parents once they have an accident while working.

If they were to inform the insurance companies, premiums would be raised and this delivery industry would end.

Government needs to acknowledge this problem and find a solution other then turning a blind eye. The delivery drivers are being preyed upon. The general public is unaware of the facts which are reported in this craigs list post.

"Whistle Blower" "Whistle Blower" "Blowing that whistle"

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