Free to a Good homes (Chesapeake WV)

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Someone had dropped this dog off up cabin Creek and she was starved and I'm sure mistreated by the way she acted when my aunt spotted her. She's not able to keep the dog even though she would absolutely love to so I took it in short-term possibly long-term but that's not going to be able to happen. She's not very old but she is a very very very good dog by herself. I have two other dogs little tiny dogs and they are very attached to my dad. Well this new dog really likes my dad as well and it is causing some serious issues in my house. At first she got along with the other two dogs but also she put up with a lot of picking and aggravation from the little dogs but she will no longer tolerate them and any chance she gets she is very aggressive to them.. This dog has snapped and pinned my other two dogs down multiple times and I'm scared she's going to hurt one of them. I can't afford a vet bill. She's really good with kids. So right now I have to keep them separated and it's not fair for either my two or her to have to be in a cage enclosure because they cannot get along. And I work too many hours daily to be able to make sure that they stay separated so that an accident doesn't happen and one of them get hurt. To be honest with you she is a better dog than the two little ones that I have but I can't just get rid of my dogs because of this other dog. So if anyone needs a good dog who's good with kids just not too good with other dogs smaller than her that is. please message me and let me know if you're interested or need a dog. you can come and meet her and I can see how you guys interact maybe and we can go from there.
Please call if interested

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